When Chickens Attack!!!

Good Thursday Morning, beautiful people! The sun is shining! Gonna be a nice week before it gets cold again. This should be very confusing to the bulbs and traumatizing to me. They'll be fine. Me, anyone's guess.. 🤪😉

So Chickens! Every chicken related phrase I now understand. For example- Bird-brained. - chicken hiding solo under coop after hours in sub degree temps. Henpecked. Okay, I'll not reach under YOU for an egg Pecking order- Hey- you be nice to your sisters! And also- Hey- stop picking on her- there's plenty for everyone!

And there's more. You THINK you know, but you don't really KNOW know ya know? 😜 Like, I knew that if I wanted eggs that were all about the same size, it would probably be best to stick with a single type of chicken. But that's no fun. So, now I have eggs of all kinds of sizes and I KNOW know. These girls are always, and I mean, ALL THE TIME, hungry. They don't ever NOT have food but I show up and you'd think they'd not eaten in days.. and their feeder is full. 😒😕 It's not pretty when chickens attack...

And just cause- TRUE LEAVES!!!

I'll be in and out of communication this week and next- Family stuff and all- but will visit when I can.

Y'all enjoy this fantastic sunshine- Be well, be happy!❤️❤️🌱