Thank you, Pampered Pretty and Pink!

Good Monday Morning, beautiful people! I so wanted to post a beautiful sunrise pic this am but the fog. So... Nope.

No worries! I have other pics!! YAY ME!

Our Display @ PPP!

Pampered, Pretty and Pink was great! Good folks, good food, fun stuff to see and do, new friends and new opportunities! 🥰

This weekend, I was asked if I would do some classes ( more experience than classes, I think). A "make your own pendant and a painting" thing. I'm on board. Working on setting up a proper space and getting a calendar together. More on that later but thanks very much for the interest!! ❤️😃

The farm was busy this weekend as well. We got 15 flats of flowers and herbs planted this weekend. Today, planting parsley and tomatoes, at least.🍕 (sadly, there was no tomato emoji so you get a pizza one instead 🤪😉)

So on that note- will go PLANT PLANTS🥦🥓 (also no parsley emoji so you get broccoli and bacon- don't judge...just enjoy 😕🤪🤣.)

Y'all have a super wonderful day. Be well. Be happy. ❤️❤️🌺