Tiny Things.

Good Friday, beautiful people! I hope you are loving the day. I kinda am.

I have a bit of a secret. I've mentioned before that I really hate winter. Don't like the cold, don't like the wet, don't like the dark. I admit it freely. But there is a bit more to it than that. Winter just gets to me. It wears on me. It depresses me. I've struggled with this time of year for as long as I can remember. Just trudging through my days until the worst of winter has passed and spring is well and properly sprung.

Then I wake up. 👀

Not so much this year. I'm farther north so you'd think it would be worse. It isn't. My mornings are spent trudging(it's really a short walk, so trudging is kind of an overstatement- just go with it..) to the coop and feeding my feathered friends some version of salad for breakfast. They line up, chatter and watch me head their way. I talk back to them, of course. Tell them good-morning, and to hold on just a sec, you poor starving girls... and I laugh at them the whole time. I absolutely love it.

Then, of course, I tend to my seedlings( or seeds or whatever the case may be)🌱 🌸. That's a whole thing, as I'm sure you can guess. I talk to each tray (and I sing to them, too🙄😜 ) , welcoming any new sprouts and telling the taller ones how beautiful they are. And odds are good that both music and dancing in the shed are involved. So, me, all those in process seeds, music- what else can a girl do? 💃 I dance and water and sing and plant. I highly recommend this, by the way, to start your day. The tiny things seem to enjoy it and so do I.

And guess what? No blahs. No sad. I start my morning smiling, usually before I've even had coffee.

I didn't hate this winter. I have kinda loved it.

Someone told me not so long ago that I smile the whole time I'm planting. Tiny things really do make the largest difference. They really really do bring joy. So, pay attention to them.

And dance... don't worry- no one is watching... or maybe they are.. 🤷🏼‍♀️.. let em.

Y'all have a super day and a fantastic weekend. Tell someone you love them. Be well. Be happy. ❤❤🌸

Tiny Things