Seeds and Eggs vs. Trees and Chickens

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Good Tuesday, beautiful people! It's a very squishy day in Monticello IN- wear galoshes!! Found that out the hard way🤪. ... Now, moving on..

Eggs... So, did you know that when chickens start laying eggs, they mean it? Yeah. So. You know, quiche... also 🤪. and maybe some 🥓!

Uh hum. Anyway. Seed starting (germinating) is going along great, and the number of planted seed flats is growing as well (see how I did that?). We'll do more tomatoes and herbs today. I really, really, love this giant rack that Rand made for me to start the seeds! I'm hoping that it's just the thing until we can get these little guys into the greenhouse ( still too cold, you know).

Things all have to start from somewhere... See our progress, and grow with us!

Y'all have a great day! Be well, be happy!❤️❤️🌺