Good Thursday morning, beautiful people! Sorry I've been out of pocket this week- my sweet Rand had to have is knee replacement replaced. Yes, you read that correctly. He's doing much better, it seems. Not quite ready to clean the coop, but almost... 😜

Seems it's a teeny bit warmer today, for which I am infinitely grateful. I do have these fantastic, new thermal overalls though, so there is that. I'll model the "Going to the Great, Cold North" attire for you tomorrow. 🙄😂

Today has been much catch up. And BONUS: I did catch a fantastic sunrise:

Beautiful Monticello IN sunrise

Love those colors!

Monticello Folks- If you are interested, I have fresh eggs and will be at the Home and Garden Show on Saturday @ the S.O.M.A booth. I am pretty excited- first one of these here for me- can't wait to see all the cool stuff ( and since Rand is rather slow at the moment .. 😘😁 You'll be there, right? I know you'd not miss the home show (at Brandywine), if you would like some, let me know and I'll make sure that I have them with me for you ( FYI- they are $2 per dozen- gotta keep feeding these girls..and they are kinda eating machines..🐔🐥🐤 , but they do make pretty eggs..)


These are today's beauties(so far). I know, I know, I post a ridiculous amount of chicken egg pics.. well, and chickens in general, but they are pretty sweet, ya' gotta admit.

Y'all have a super fantastic day! Be well, be happy. ❤❤🌸