Easily terrified land shark......

Good Beautiful Monday, lovely people!! The sun is shining- Love that. But I do need to discuss something with you. It's about the girls. The Chicks, if you will. It's come to my attention that these girls aren't just your hard-working, egg-laying princesses.. Oh no. Take Henrietta for example. She looks like a nice, sweet-natured lady, wouldn't you agree?

Henrietta- AKA- Jaws....

You would be mistaken.

Henrietta here is actually sizing me up. You see, if I don't move fast enough getting the girls their breakfast, I could, in fact, become said breakfast. She's just given me a taste of what's in store for me. I believe that she was perhaps tenderizing my bottom with that sharp little beak of hers, hoping to draw first blood. And then the feeding frenzy would have been me instead of their morning salad.

I think of them now as very small, fluffy, somewhat loud, easily terrified feathered land sharks.

I thought I should warn you.

Have a super fantastic day!! Be well, Be happy.. and be wary of small, fluffy, easily terrified, feathered land sharks🐥❤️❤️🌷