And then it was SPRIIINNNGGG

Wow- this time of year, everything just moves SO fast. One day, you have these tiny green babies pushing their way through the mulch and the very next, you have beautiful colors!

It's beautiful, wonderful and an amazing amount of work. But it makes you smile- Everyday.

Here, look. See What I mean? Here, look.

A hyacinth of the most beautiful blue.

And they are springing up like mad now

And, of course, Tulips!

And still more stuff going on! We are getting ready for Mom's day here at the farm- we've got TONS of hanging baskets that will be overflowing with summer color and sweet flower filled benches for sale. You have to use your imagination a bit...the flowers are still babies...

They're going to be pretty, aren't they?

So that's where we are at Dragonfly Farm today.

Y'all have a wonderful evening!