A bit of a bump..

Good Evening, beautiful people.

I've been out of communication this week and will continue to be so for a bit. Please don't worry. The flowers will still bloom, the herbs will continue to grow, the girls will keep making some lovely eggs and Queen Iris will still rule the vast land of Shed. But right now, and hopefully, just for a bit, we have to drop back and punt. We have one of those situations that reminds us that we are human and that our bodies can do some pretty mean things to us. So, we adjust and adapt, even if only for a bit. That's what we are doing now. We'll get through this, but keep us in mind. Send us love, good thought and a teeny bit of strength. I'll talk to you soon.

Be well, be happy.

a bit of beauty to go w that bump!

With Love, Dragonfly Farm Folk.