we specialize in fresh cut flowers. What kind you ask? The list is long and changes, of course, by
season. We grow tulips and peonies. Lilies and Iris. Buttercups and sunflowers. Lots and lots of
sunflowers. Check out the home page for a current selection, by season.
But that’s not all. We also grow herbs (ever heard of black garlic? I know where you can get some- I
mean, in the fall, after harvest….) and some veggies. Asparagus- lots of asparagus. And carnival carrots,
maybe some heirloom tomatoes. We grow whatever catches our fancy. Like giant cabbage. Yup, we
got those.
And we make stuff. As often as possible, with flowers/herbs that we grow, but sometimes with other
items as well. It varies by mood, season and availability… by whim, if you will.
The farm is home to 3 cats, one dog and 15 chickens (so far). And I am a city girl trying to learn. So
often, it’s a bit of chaos. And it makes me happy. I hope you visit often.

With Love and Best Wishes,

The Dragonfly Farm Family

Across the world, dragonflies mean different things to different people. For some cultures, theirpresence signifies the ominous. For others, joy, wellbeing and hope. Still others see in them prosperity happiness, strength and good luck. Most mention light and change. I love that. The good stuff. Certainly, change and light. A bit of magic, a ton of whimsy. That’s what this is to me. A hugechange, lots of light and joy mixed with magic. Happiness. Welcome to Dragonfly farm. We are a small, independent farm, located in lovely Monticello Indiana.

About Dragonfly Farm