Welcome to Dragonfly Farm, Monticello, Indiana!


Dragonfly Farm is a small, home-based flower farm in Monticello, Indiana that specializes in fresh cut flowers, both fresh & dry herbs, specialty produce, and handmade eclectic gifts and crafts!

Our fresh cut flowers include anything from Tulips to Lavender to Sunflowers! We have both fresh AND dry herbs, including various types of basil, garlic, mint, and more! And freshly grown vegetables like heirloom tomatoes, asparagus, carnival carrots, and various types of peppers! Anything that strikes imagination and fancy, and can be locally grown, may add to the list! Follow us and check with us frequently, as our inventory will change more frequently than the seasons!

Our Website and online presence are Under Construction!

We are very new and continuing to grow and learn! Remember to check back with us often!

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